Robin Kalbfleisch

“Dear Mr. Scott,

I meant to write this in the summer but time seemed to get away from me. I wanted to thank you for your excellence in teaching the grade 12 English course at Canada eschool. Your conscientious approach to providing detailed feedback and support went above the norm and was very much appreciated.

I wish you all the best in your teaching career.”

Inass (Parent)

“Dear Audrey,

Thank you so much for your patience with our son.

You’ve done an extraordinary job on following up with Almo and trying to provide him with all the help/support he needed to go through and to complete his courses. Much appreciated.

We would have liked to have many Mrs Audrey in our schools. You are so dedicated, very knowledgeable, so passionate about your job. It is very clear that you love what are you are doing.

As parents we are very happy and very satisfied with our experience with eSchool. Our son has successfully completed his courses on his ease.”

Kate Werneburg

“Thank you all for all the hard work you guys put in to getting me graduated!
I really appreciate it. I have attached a picture of me in my cap and gown with my mom. Thank you all so much.”

Rosetta (Parent)

“I wanted to thank you again!!! Francesca was accepted into the English program at Ottawa University thanks to all of the hard work and great teaching she received from E-School!!!”

Robin (Parent)

“Our daughter had a very positive experience with Canada eSchool. As a competitive tennis player, she was able to complete her grade 11 & 12 credits online while training in Florida.
The flexibility of the program, combined with solid curriculum and support from the teachers and staff, make this school an excellent choice for student athletes.”

Sivapriya Ravindran

“I would like to say that eSchool has helped me a lot in achieving my academic goals. Having the opportunity to study at eSchool enabled me to pursue my studies overseas in the medical field. I was able to work toward my goals which I didn’t get in my secondary school studies. So, in this case, I would like to thank eSchool for helping me to not only teach new and difficult subjects but also for helping me to achieve my goals”


“Ms Shaw,

My son, Sidney, recently completed the Canada eSchool program, BOH4M ~ Gr. 12 Business Leadership, under the oversight of his online teacher, Ms. Aneeqa Ilyas.

I just wanted to write a quick note to say thank-you for a very positive experience. We were unsure about taking an online course and the challenges associated with learning with a remote teacher but thanks very much to the encouragement and guidance of Ms. Ilyas, Sidney was able to overcome early obstacles getting started and ended up thoroughly enjoying the course. It was a pleasure to see him working hard at the activities and becoming very engaged with the material and challenges Ms. Ilyas presented to him.

Anyways, too often we only take time out of our day to complain, and not enough to reflect on the positive so I really wanted to do just that and let you know about a teacher on your staff that has made a significant contribution to our son’s learning. She should be congratulated.

Thank-you very much!”

Abdullah Ashraf

“Dear Mr. Wilson,

I would like to take the time to thank you for being an excellent and understanding teacher. I was very skeptical and unsure about taking a course online without any teacher interaction. But, during my course, you took that misconception away from me and were able to provide me with assistance whenever I needed. You have been a magnificent teacher and I would like to wish you all the best for the future.”

Michael Cino

“Dear Ms. Visneskie and Ms. Escobar,

It has been a pleasure working with both of you. I was accepted into Engineering at McMaster.I am very excited. Thank you for marking everything as well as you did. I really have learned a lot from this course and met two great teachers who were willing to bend over backwards for their student. Thank you for all that you have done.

Thank you again, you have both been truly amazing.”


“Dear Ms. Bisonette,

For as long as I can remember, achieving my Ontario Secondary School Diploma seemed like an unattainable goal. I had inched my way closer and closer to achieving my OSSD taking the odd course here and there from ILC during the past several years. Recently, you made that goal possible.

I must say that I really took notice of the time and effort you applied towards my succession. It really means a lot to me that you applied yourself and were genuinely caring in your efforts.

I haven’t had the privilege of finding the quality of teaching and guidance you have shown for as long as I can remember. Ottawa Carleton E-School should consider its self very lucky to have you as a teacher and representative. You really are a very talented educator that has a gift with people.

Thank you again for your efforts. You really have made a positive impact on my educational life and future.”

Josie Gibson

“Thank you to all the folks in your office for great assistance with my daughter’s endeavor to complete 3 of 5 grade 12 courses recently.
I think you people run a very professional program. I had a lot of trouble with ILC/ TV Ontario for just 1 course….

Thanks so much”


“Thanks again. I have only wonderful things to say about the program and support. In fact, I am sending out info to our school via the parent email site of over 1000. It is truly amazing.
An important objective that is being reached for the students is that they gain a lot of confidence about managing their own work. He started school yesterday with a whole new perspective on his ability.”


“I just wanted to take a moment and say “Thank you very much” for all your assistance while Read completed this course. I really appreciate that all of your staff returned calls very quickly and always provided useful advice and solutions.

I also wanted to say a special “thank you” to Mr Wilson who was available for all types of correspondence. It was greatly appreciated.

Overall, I have been very impressed with the service you provide and I have shared my experience with several of my colleagues whose kids may benefit from your school.

Thanks again.”