Tuition Fees


Canada eSchool is authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Education to grant credits leading to the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) which is recognized and accepted for entrance into all Canadian, U.K. and international universities. Each full credit course is designed to take 4 months to complete, however, students may work ahead if they wish to finish sooner.

eSchool operates on a weekly registration cycle. Any students that have registered by Friday at 5 pm EST, will start their course on the following Wednesday after 6 pm EST, providing that all required documents and tuition fees have been received.


Courses (International Students) Study Period Tuition Fees (CAD)
Grades 9 – 12 Secondary School Credit Course (International Non-Canadian Citizen*) 4 months $1,300.00
Grad Pack – Grade 12 (7 courses + PLAR + OSSLT + Community Service + Diploma + OST) Flexible $7,900.00
Custom Grad Pack Available – Contact Us Flexible TBD


Courses (Domestic Students) Study Period Tuition Fees (CAD)
Grades 9 – 10 Secondary School Credit Course (Require Canadian Citizenship) 4 months $529.00
Grades 11 – 12 Secondary School Credit Course (Require Canadian Citizenship) 4 months $549.00
Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course 4 months $599.00

*An international student is someone who:

1. lives outside of Canada, and who is neither a citizen nor permanent resident

2. attends a school in Canada, is neither a permanent resident nor a citizen of Canada, and is here on a study permit (student visa)

*Secondary school credit courses are not taxable however the provincial portion of the HST (5%) applies to textbook/supply purchases.



Most courses require supplementary books. These books can be purchased through eSchool or obtained through another venue (online retailer, local public school, library etc..). When obtaining books from alternate sources, students should ensure ISBN numbers are identical. Click here to view a complete textbook list.


Course Extensions

Students who do not complete their courses within the originally allotted study period have the unique option of extending their study time for one additional month only. This  must be done within 7 days of the course expiry date. No academic penalty is incurred; however students who allow their course to expire for more than 7 days must pay an additional administration fee of $100.00 to be reinstated in their course. Full Details

Course Extension Tuition Fees (CAD)
Course Extension – 1 month $175.00


Putting a Course on Hold  (Please note: This option is only available for courses started on or before July 31st, 2019)

For more information, please contact the eSchool Administration Office.

Click here to view our refund policy.