Course Extensions


If you haven’t been able to complete your course in the allotted 4 months, use this form to apply for a one month only course extension. A course extension allows you to extend your time with your teacher so that you may complete your course without academic penalty. Course extension fees for students are $175.00 per course for one additional month only per course, unless given direct permission from the principal due to extenuating circumstances.

If your course has been expired for more than 7 days, an administration fee of $100.00 applies to be reinstated in your course. Please be sure to submit your completed application and payment within 7 days of course expiry to avoid the additional administration fee.

Courses expired for more than 15 days cannot be reinstated.

Personal information is collected under the authority of the Education Act and will be used for the establishment and maintenance of the Ontario Student Record in accordance with the (OSR) Guideline 2000. Access to OSR Records may be obtained by contacting the principal.