Book Your Final Exam


General Information

Before you are ready to complete the final examination for your course, please read through this information very carefully. An exam readiness checklist has been provided for your convenience. Questions related to the final examination process should be directed to

Students must complete and submit all course requirements to their teacher prior to booking their final exam. Course requirements include but are not limited to: assignments, tests, discussion forums, the Independent Study Unit and the student log journal. Once a student has completed all course requirements, their teacher will contact the eSchool exam department giving them approval to write their final exam. The exam department must receive teacher confirmation of completion of course before a student’s final examination can be scheduled. The final exam must be written within 30 days of receiving teacher permission.

Students must be supervised during the time they write their exam. An exam supervisor is the person who will confirm the identity of the student and monitor them while they write their exam. All students are responsible for booking their own exam supervisor (click here to view a list of exam centres), however their selected supervisor must be approved by eSchool before their exam date can be finalized.

In recognition of individual student learning needs, in some circumstances eSchool may permit a student to select the location they will write their final examination. Students with an IEP or medical report will need to submit a copy of these to eSchool in order to have an alternate supervisor proctor their examination. Examinations may not be administered at a private residence. Alternate supervisors must meet eSchool’s alternate exam supervisor requirements.

Application for Examination

Students must submit an application for exam supervision at least 5 business days prior to their desired examination date (international students should allow 8 business days). Please note that if a student does not write their exam on the scheduled date, a $50.00 fee will apply to reschedule the examination.

Express Application for Examination

Students that for various reasons require an urgent examination date, may request express application processing which will then be processed within 1-4 business days. In order to be eligible for express processing, students are responsible for ensuring:

  1. their exam supervisor is on the accepted list below, and can be immediately reached by both telephone and email;
  2. all course requirements have been met and teacher permission has been received at the time of application.

A $89.00 express application processing fee will apply.

Final marks are released approximately 10 business days after the exam is received from your exam supervisor.

Failed Examination Policy

Students who receive a mark of less than 50% on their supervised final examination will be subject to an assessment and evaluation review. In cases where a significant discrepancy is established between a student’s ongoing assessment and evaluation marks and their final examination mark, the principal will conduct a course credit review to ensure the student has achieved the curriculum expectations of a course.

Warning: Any false or misleading statement on this form or relating to any document in support of this application, including concealment of any material fact, may lead to a charge of academic fraud and result in a zero grading on the final examination.


Personal information is collected under the authority of the Education Act and will be used for the establishment and maintenance of the Ontario Student Record in accordance with the (OSR) Guideline 2000. Access to OSR Records may be obtained by contacting the principal.