Home Schooled


Although home schooling has its advantages, there are significant challenges that arise once it comes time for your child to send in his or her university applications. Since admission requirements are stringent and very specific, the process by which a student must prove the caliber and content of his or her home studies is difficult and complex.

University Requirements

Universities require six U level secondary school courses for program entrance. If your child is home schooled, he or she must demonstrate a level of home school study equivalent to that offered at accredited secondary schools. Many universities ask home-schooled applicants to perform a standardized test and in some cases, even have limits as to how many home schooled students they accept in their annual general admissions pool.

A Sensible Alternative

Canada eSchool offers you the ability to home school your child under a curriculum authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Education. We offer students the opportunity to earn secondary school credits towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), which is accepted and recognized by colleges and universities on a global scale. Courses completed through eSchool are accredited and added to your child’s Ontario Student Transcript for university entrance.

Why eSchool for Home Schooling?

When you choose eSchool, you benefit from:

  • The ability to control and manage where, when and how study takes place
  • A full curriculum and Ontario Certified Teacher at your disposal, which means that as a parent, you do not need to have high-level expertise in all subject matter in order to instruct your child effectively
  • A wide selection of courses to choose from (all granting credits towards the OSSD)
  • A study solution that takes place at home but also gives your child the required credentials he or she needs to apply to university

Getting Started

In order to ensure that your child has the necessary prerequisites for Grade 12 courses, it is recommended that he or she register at eSchool no later than Grade 11. If your child is coming from a home school environment, we conduct a Prior Learning Assessment Recognition (PLAR) to determine whether or not we can award credits for home studies considered to be equivalent to courses in our curriculum.

Contact us to find out more about how eSchool works today. When you’re ready, select courses from our curriculum and register your child as an eSchool student.