Mature Students


Going back to high school is a difficult but wise move. As a mature student, you may be looking for a solution that enables you to learn the necessary material without physically attending class. Canada eSchool is an online high school that offer you the opportunity to earn credits towards your high school diploma. All credits issued by eSchool are authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Online Learning System

Enjoy the flexibility and support of our online learning platform. Each of our courses is offered online and assigned a dedicated teacher. In addition to textbook reading materials, eSchool courses also include online discussions, open communication with other students, and in many cases, complementary audio and visual learning aids.

Flexible and Accommodating

You never have to enter a classroom and you are free to learn at your own pace; all courses are accessed online. You can begin your courses just one week after registering with eSchool and can learn as quickly or as slowly as you wish. You may accelerate or slow down your learning schedule to suit your scheduling needs.

Wide Selection

Daytime high schools are often limited in their course selections but here at eSchool our online environment gives us the ability to include a diverse range of courses in our curriculum. Particularly for mature students such as yourself, this is beneficial because it gives you the ability to focus your learning in the right areas and correctly align yourself with future career goals.

Getting Started – Mature Student Assessments

Before you register for courses at eSchool it is important that you undergo a mature student assessment by our principal. Our mature student assessment can grant you credits for work experience, military service or training programs in addition to any courses you may have already completed in the past. By undergoing an assessment you ensure that earning your high school diploma happens in the most efficient and economical way possible.

Signup Steps

  1. Read about who we are.
  2. Complete a mature student assessment.
  3. Browse through our course curriculum and choose your online courses.
  4. Start learning in just one week.

To find out more about registering for online courses as a mature student, contact us today.