Military Families


You likely face many challenges as a result of one of your family member’s decisions to serve in the military. One such challenge that directly affects you as a secondary school student is the probability of frequent relocations. In Canada and around the world, secondary school educational requirements differ between provinces, states and countries. Picking up where you left off isn’t always easy.

Avoiding Lost Time

In many cases, secondary school students who relocate are required to repeat courses, or even redo a full year of school. As a young student, the last thing you want to do is lose the time you’ve already put in. Canada eSchool offers an online course curriculum fully accredited by the Ontario Ministry of Education. This means that in the event of a relocation, instead of attending a new day school for an extended period of time, you can sign up for online courses which award you credits towards your secondary school diploma. There’s no need to lose time or repeat courses you’ve already taken.

Flexible Education Model

Because we are an online private secondary school, eSchool is not only capable of making your family’s relocations easier on your education, but we also provide you with the flexible learning environment you need to handle the dynamics of a military lifestyle. You may start your courses anytime and complete them when travelling between provinces, states or even countries.

How to Register

eSchool students can register for as few or as many courses as they wish. The signup process is simple and can be completed right here on our website:

  1. Browse through our comprehensive curriculum
  2. Choose your courses.
  3. Register as an eSchool student.
  4. Send us your student documents and start your courses within just one week.

For more information about how the eSchool program can benefit military family secondary school students like you, contact us today.