Missing a Credit


At daytime secondary schools, courses fill up fast and choices run dry if you’re not quick on the draw. It’s easy to miss out on a course you need or to find yourself with a timetable that doesn’t suit you. Or maybe you’ve discovered that the universities you’re interested in have prerequisite courses you haven’t yet taken. If classes are full, adding a course at your daytime secondary school is not an option. We offer a practical alternative.

Adding a Course

Canada eSchool offers a wide selection of online courses you can take at any time throughout the calendar year. First semester, second semester or during the summer, adding a course to your timetable is simple. You can start your course within just one week of your registration and by making the decision to learn online, you benefit from an accommodating system that lets you work at a pace you’re comfortable with.

Benefits of Online Learning

eSchool courses offer:

Online Access

Dedicated and assigned course teachers

Group discussions

Open communication with other students

Immediate start dates

Flexible learning schedules

How to Register

Since we are an online private secondary school, you can take eSchool courses while still attending your regular day school. Our curriculum is authorized by the Ministry of Education and you can view a full list of courses here.

  1. Decide on your e-courses.
  2. Register as a student on our website.
  3. Send us your student documents and wait just one week until your information is processed.
  4. Start your courses.

For more information about adding a course to your daytime secondary school schedule through eSchool, contact us.