Students with Special Learning Needs


Canada eSchool employ an education model that is supportive, flexible and accommodating. If you have a learning disability or you are a special needs student, you probably have different study methods compared to those of your fellow classmates. eSchool gives you an opportunity to learn in an environment that can be molded to suit your individual needs.

How it Works

eSchool courses are offered online. A dedicated teacher is assigned to each course and he or she can be emailed at any time for personal assistance. As an eSchool student, you participate in online discussions with your classmates and can communicate with other students around the world. Your teacher will also have live office hours on Skype once each week. You may begin your courses within one week of registration and you are at liberty to set your own pace while completing your lessons. If you find you need more time than you originally selected to complete your course, you have the option of extending it with a special monthly tuition rate reserved solely for students with special learning or medical needs.

Course Selection

All courses offered by eSchool are authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Education and provide you with an opportunity to earn credits towards your secondary school diploma. eSchool has a wide selection of courses for you to choose from, which in many cases, extends beyond the curriculum offered at daytime secondary schools. At eSchool you can focus your learning in particular areas of interest, while you simultaneously receive the accommodating style of education you need to help you through the challenges you face on a daily basis.

Getting Started

Becoming an eSchool student is easy:

  1. Choose your courses.
  2. Register as a student.
  3. Send us your student documents and wait just one week until your information is processed.
  4. Start your courses.

If you have questions about being a special needs student at eSchool or you want to know more about the advantages of learning online, contact us today.