University Bound


With college and university applications just around the corner, it’s time to make sure your secondary school credits are in order. Once you decide which post-secondary institutions and programs you’re interested in, you’ll have a good idea of course and grade requirements. The more informed you are, the better your ability to make the necessary adjustments to your course-load and maximize your chance of university acceptance.

A School That Can Help

Canada eSchool is a online secondary school that offer you the opportunity to earn credits towards your Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). All credits earned at eSchool are authorized by the Ministry of Education in Ontario. Take additional courses or combine eSchool courses with those you take at your daytime school for greater schedule flexibility. We offer a wide selection of courses that extends beyond that of many public and private secondary schools.

Take an Extra Course

Maybe you’re a credit short, or you realized that your prospective university requires a particular course you haven’t taken. Whatever your reasons for picking up an additional course, eSchool offers a convenient online system to earn the credits you need and graduate in time. Sign up today and start your course in as soon as one week! Work at your own pace when, where and however you like to complete your course with flying colours.

Pull Up a Past Grade

We’ve all been there. Your average would be high if it weren’t for one grade pulling it down. Better your chances of university acceptance by retaking a course. By choosing an online school, you benefit from the luxury of working at a pace you’re comfortable with. If you find a certain course difficult to grasp, an online school environment can give you the support you need, without the added pressure to keep pace on a tight schedule. At eSchool, you decide when you start, when you finish and when you complete all the milestones that come in between.

Take a Course Your Secondary School Doesn’t Offer

Some public and private daytime secondary schools offer limited curriculums. At eSchool, we provide a full list of courses for you to choose from which are often part of a wider selection than what you currently have access to. Focus your learning in particular areas of interest and diversify your course schedule to make your secondary school learning experience more enjoyable. Combine eSchool courses with your daytime course-load and capitalize on the freedom of an online program designed for university bound students just like you.

For more information about enrolling in a course through eSchool, contact us.