Repeat Courses


What is a Repeat Course?

At eSchool a repeat course simply refers to taking the same course that you have previously taken. You may have earned a grade that you are not satisfied with or perhaps you didn’t pass the course. In either scenario, you are able to re-register for a course in order to have an opportunity to achieve a higher grade.


If I took a course in my home secondary school, can I repeat the course at Canada eSchool?

Yes, absolutely! You can check to see if the course in which you wish to enroll is offered by clicking on the course section.


How do I register for a Repeat Course?

You can register on our website. During the registration process you will be asked if this is a repeat course. Be sure to click  “yes”. You will need to submit a copy of your transcript (proof that you have previously taken the course) along with other documents. During the online registration process, you will be notified which documents are required and how you can send them eSchool to complete your registration.


If I take a Repeat Course, how will it be recorded on my Ontario Student Transcript?

For grades 9 and 10 repeated courses, only the attempt in which you earned the higher percentage grade will be recorded on your OST.

For grades 11 and 12 repeated courses, both attempts will be recorded on your OST; but, the course in which you earned the higher percentage will show a credit earned. The lower percentage will have an “R” marked in the credit value column