Mature Students: Frequently Asked Questions


What is a mature student?

Students who are eighteen years of age or over (i.e. adults) who are returning to school to earn a diploma after being out of secondary school for at least one year are defined as being a mature student.

How many maturity credits can I earn?

You may be recommended for up to 12 maturity credits.

What compulsory credits must I take?

You must complete a senior level English and at least 3 other senior credits.

Are there other ways to get credits?

Depending on your life experiences you may earn credits for apprenticeships, Canadian military service and through work related credentials.

Can I get my diploma with Maturity credits?

No, you must always earn your last 4 credits in Ontario. These credits need to include one senior English and three other senior credits.

What if I have no school records?

Please contact our school administration office for instructions and additional forms.

Please note that applications will only be processed once payment and required documents have been received; allow 1-2 weeks for processing.


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